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Welcome to ICC 7

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the Seven International Congress of Cardiovascular diseases from prevention to Intervention, I have the honour to invite you to participate in the great event.

The congress will discuss various topics concerning Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertension, Heart Failure and Congenital Heart Diseases in terms of early detection, prevention, various Therapeutic modalities whether medical or Interventional as well as more advanced including Gene and Stem Cell Therapy.

This year congress will be held in the great City of Cairo, Capital of Egypt, land of Pharoes, Sphinx and Pyramids.

The Congress will focus in its sessions on imaging coronary artery and degree of atherosclerosis. It discuss various imaging techniques to diagnose myocardial disease preclinically.

There will be debates on the most likely imaging technique to enable cardiologist preventing the progress of many diseases.

We are looking forwards to welcome you in Cairo.

Wafaa Elaroussy, MD
Prof of Cardiovasular Medicine
Cairo University
Cairo – Egypt

Hisham AbouelEinein, MD
Prof of Cardiovasular Medicine
Vice President of Benha University
Benha – Egypt

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